Green School

Clonroche National School began is Green Flag journey in 2008. Since then we have achieved four Green Flags for Waste and Litter, Energy, Water and Travel. We will begin work on the next flag, Biodiversity, in the next school year.

In Clonroche National School we place a huge emphasis on sustainability and this is at the core of what we try to achieve by taking part in the Green Flag programme. The children learn lifelong skills for sustainable living. You can read about our Green School journey and progress in each of the attached reports.

4th Green Flag 2022/2023 - Travel

We successfully gained our 4th green flag in the school year 2022/2023. You can take a look at our full presentation below, just click the image!

CNS Green School

3rd Green Flag 2020 - Water

We submitted our application in March and received word in early May that we have been successful in achieving it. Well done to all classes, teachers and other staff members for their participation and in particular the children on the Green School Committee in 5th and 6th class. We couldn’t have achieved this without everyone working together.

View Green School Project on Water

As part of our Green Flag for Water the children in the senior end along with Ms. Flood wrote a Green Code to remind us all to save water! We recorded it on the Thursday before the school closed in March!

2nd Green Flag 2014 - Energy

It was a proud day for all of us when we were awarded our second green flag – this time for energy conservation.
On Wednesday, 21st May 2014 our Green School Co-ordinator, Mrs. Goff and three members of our Green School Committee travelled to Hotel Kilkenny to receive the flag at this year’s An Taisce Green Flag Award Ceremony.
A big thank you to everyone for working so hard and a special word of thanks to Mrs. Goff for overseeing the whole project and being so industrious.

View Energy Action Plan

View Energy Questionnaire

1st Green Flag 2010

On 25th March, 2010 the school celebrated the awarding of its first green flag. Our teacher, Mrs. Jean Goff, spearheaded the campaign that led to this great achievement. Under her watchful eye, pupils and teachers learnt how to make the school greener. Everyone associated with the school also made a huge effort to improve the school environment. The flag was raised by pupils Pierce Doyle and Shannon Hudson, members of the school’s Green Committee, along with teacher Mrs. Goff. In attendance on the day were Cliona Connolly, Environment Awareness Officer, Wexford County Council, local representatives and parents. Following the raising of the flag, children recited a poem, danced, sang and played music in the hall. Buí­ Bolg performed a very entertaining puppet show in the afternoon. The children were treated to party food and drinks before going home.

View Green School Project for Litter and Waste

The photograph below was taken at the green flag ceremony in Hotel Kilkenny on 2-2-10. The green flag was presented to members of our Green School Committee on that day. In the picture are from left to right:Anthony Purcell (acting Green-Schools Manager), Conor O’Dwyer (Wrigley Company), Cliona Connolly (Environment Awareness Officer, Wexford County Council), Malcom Noonan (Mayor of Kilkenny City), Jean Goff (teacher), Kathleen Ryan (REPAK Ltd), Yvonne Kelly (Green-Schools Travel Officer) and three pupils who are on the Green School Committee. Wrigley Company and REPAK ltd. are two large sponsors for the Green-Schools Programme.