Health Promoting School

Our school is a recognised Health Promoting School. We decided to participate in this initiative in 2017 and were awarded Health Promoting School Status in January 2020.

The entire school community is involved in this initiative; pupils, parents and staff alike. Emphasis is placed on all aspects of health including physical, mental, social and emotional health.

The HPS committee, is made up of pupils, the student council and staff. In order to set targets we began by surveying all members of our school community. The main areas of concern were mental health and healthy eating. Following this, we put together an action plan, which you can see below. Some of the initiatives we put in place and adopted were:

– Mindfulness and Yoga
– Do your Talking While You’re Walking
– Train on Thursday
– Review of Healthy eating policy
– SPHE review
– Incredible Edibles
– Food Dudes initiative

As we achieve our targets, new ones are set.


Incredible Edibles

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Gold Award Certificate
Gold Award Roset

Internet Safety


Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card is a programme aimed at raising awareness of racism and to teach children ways of combating and preventing it. The children take part in a series of lessons surrounding this.

In 2017- 2018 the children in 5th and 6th class took part in this programme and entered the Anti-Racism Creative Competition that was run alongside it.

Ben Keeley and Conor Foley
Conor Joyce
Rose Carroll and Makayla Flynn
Tim Flood and Lennon Hughes

Wild Flower Garden

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School of Excellence Award for Promotion of Physical and Mental Well-being 2016