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The Fr. Brady 'CHAIR' Appeal in Moomba, Zambia

The Fr. Brady 'CHAIR' Appeal in Moomba, Zambia

Our voluntary teacher, Margaret Comiskey recently visited the parish of Moomba in Zambia, Africa.  There she met Fr. Jim Brady who asked for help to raise money to purchase chairs for a church.  Thanks to your generous support on the non-uniform day on 28th May 2015, €460 was raised for this cause.  
Below in the photograph is teacher, Margaret Comiskey with some of the children in the school on the non-uniform day.


Here is Margaret's account of her visit to Moomba and photographs she took when she was there.

Fr. Jim Brady from Mullahoran in Co. Cavan has been PP in Moomba for approximately 14 years now. He is a member of the Kiltegan Fathers and is aged about 72 yrs.
This parish extends over a very large area of Bush and contains 22 out parishes.
The base parish is known as 10 Miles as it is a distance of 10 miles from the Capital of Zambia, Lusaka. We travelled about 2 hours to the Church shown in the photos. The Mass was beautiful with all participating. The children danced and sang, gifts were presented to Fr. Jim e.g. eggs, bananas, corn.
Off the main roads are mud tracks with craters up to 5ft deep and often filled with water. A pick up truck is used for transport.
The behaviour of the children within the Church was exemplary. From babies to teenagers they remained silent and respectful for about an hour and a half.
That particular congregation had not had Mass during the previous 2 months as the roads are impassable during the rainy season.
The children proudly displayed the toys they had made from old spools and plastic bottles. The schools were closed for mid term while we were there and the pictures were taken through the windows. The benches were sent out from Ireland following the closure of a school. The children attend three to four hour sessions, then giving way to the next group. About 3 groups attend each day, the same teacher covering it all.
The teachers live in houses on the school campus. They are well trained and a retraining/inservice program is underway at the moment. However the motivation seems poor. Fr. Jim referred to them as 'Lazy'. There appeared to be just 2 classrooms and no further facilities. Hygiene services are primitive.

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