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Our News Blog  2018-2019            Written by the children on the school's I.C.T. Committee

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June 2019
This month, we had our Active Week from 17th to 21st June.  It was a brilliant week of fun activities that kept us all on the go.  Our School Sports Day was during this week on the 19th June.

At the end of the month, we had our end of year Mass.  Everyone said goodbye to my class, 6th Class, and wished us all the very best in the future.  I am a little bit sad to be leaving the school.

We also said goodbye to Mrs. Caulfield who is retiring, and wished her all the best in the future as well.
Written by Lisa Fusteac 6th Class

May 2019

The children in 2nd Class made their First Holy Communion on Saturday 18th May.  The children in my classroom-5th and 6th Class-made their Confirmation on Friday 24th May.  These were very special occasions for us and for our families.  I had a fantastic day on my Confirmation Day and I will always remember it.
A big thank you to teachers Ms. Quigley and Mrs. Goff for preparing us and to Ms. Flood for the music.

This month, also, we celebrated Europe Day.  Check out the link below to see our celebration.
Written by Lisa Fusteac 6th Class
Link: We Celebrate Europe Day 2019

April 2019
Seachtain na Gaeilge took place from 8th-12th April.  We had a whole week of fun activities.  Click on the link below to see what we did.
Also, this month, three members of the school's I.C.T. Committee interviewed our SNA Helen, our SNA Jackie and our secretary, Margaret.  Check out the interviews at the link below.
Written by Lisa Fusteac 6th Class
Links: Seachtain na Gaeilge 2019            
         We interview Helen, Jackie and Margaret

March 2019
For Engineer’s Week 2nd-8th March, the Bricks 4 Kidz tutors came to our school and worked with 3rd to 6th Class.  Also, in my classroom we made spaghetti bridges-it was great fun.
The Rackard League Camogie and Hurling games are being played this month.  As usual, Cloughbawn and Poulpeasty children combine forces to field teams.
by Johnny Foley 3rd Class

February 2019

We are making sure we keep exercising to keep ourselves fit.  We do laps around the track and we are getting faster.

We are practising céilí dancing in the hall so that we will be ready for Seachtain na Gaeilge.  Every class is going over the steps for the different dances.

We had a week off this month for mid-term.

The library van comes to our school every month for classes 2nd to 6th.  We go out to the van, give back our old book and pick a new one.  I like reading.  I think it is a great hobby.  I also like art.  It is my favourite subject in school.
by Johnny Foley 3rd Class

January 2019

Welcome back after the Christmas break.
Those children who had a good attendance record in the first term of this school year received a good attendance certificate.
The weather has been very cold for part of this month but this hasn’t stopped us from getting out and making good use of our walking track.
We had Grandparents' Day in the school.  We all brought up our chairs to the hall for Mass.  Fr. Cushen said the Mass.  A lot of grandads and grannies came to the Mass along with Daddies and Mammies and other family members.  It was a very happy occasion.  
In 3rd and 4th Class, we have been doing projects about types of advertisements.  We are also doing projects about different countries of the European Union.  I picked Italy because I really like Italy and learning about it.  In the future, I will go travelling the world and Italy will be top of my list.

by Edmund Murphy 3rd Class



December 2018

On Wednesday, 12th December we all watched Fred the Party Professor and his very entertaining show.  Fred is very musical and played an amazing number of musical instruments.
An election was held in the school to select a pupil from each class 1st to 6th to go on the Students’ Council.  First, every candidate spoke in the hall in front of the classes.  Then, pupils from classes 1st to 6th voted.  Next, a number of pupils counted the votes.  The winning candidates who will go on the Students’ Council are:
Finn Joyce - 1st Class
Amy O’Neill - 2nd Class
Holly Cloke - 3rd Class
Thérèse Kehoe Molloy - 4th Class
Abbie Denton - 5th Class
Rose Carroll - 6th Class

We held our Christmas Carol Service in our school hall on Thursday 20th December.  Every class had prepared a Christmas song or two and the school band also played.  Parents and other family members attended.  It was a lovely occasion.  Mrs. Holohan came to watch the Carol Service and looked younger than ever.  Everyone who came thoroughly enjoyed looking at and listening to the children.  
We wish everyone a very peaceful Christmas and a happy 2019.

Written by Georgina Delaney and Mia Murphy 5th Class





November 2018
Welcome back after the Hallowe'en break.  
A big thank you to all those who donated to the Christmas Shoebox Appeal.
Our school took part in the Sing Out Loud event on Saturday 17th November in the National Opera House.  It was a fantastic occasion, an amazing experience for our pupils.  
There is still some time to go to Christmas but a number of pupils are reporting that the elf on the shelf is being quite troublesome.  They say that the elf reports back to Santa every day on their behaviour so that Santa will know if they have been good.  However, they have noticed that he also gets up to no good. For example, one pupil said that the elf on the shelf got Kevin the Carrot and put him through the slicer in the middle of the night.  Shocking behaviour!
Written by Conor Murphy 5th Class

October 2018

On 12th October, the Board of Management, along with many who have worked over the years with our retired Vice Principal, Kathleen Holohan, gathered in the Cloch Bán to wish her well on her retirement.  Kathleen has spent all her teaching life in Clonroche and will be remembered for her solid work helping children to learn, for her gentle ways, kindness and valuable contribution to school occasions. She has, for many years, kept everyone literally on their toes with céilí dancing.  We wish Kathleen all the very best in the future.

On Thursday, 25th October, many strange characters arrived into school!  The teachers were trying to work out where all the real children had gone.  Below are pictures of some of these odd characters.  Have a great Hallowe'en and enjoy the week off.  See you in November.
Written by Mia Murphy 5th Class

September 2018

The summer holidays are over now and it's back to work for the children and the teachers!  We started the new year on Friday 31st August 2018. We welcome all the Junior Infants and a few new children who started in our school this month.  We also welcome our new teacher, Ms. Quigley, who is teaching 1st and 2nd Class.  We hope she will be very happy in our school.
Swimming lessons are taking place for eight weeks on Fridays in Enniscorthy swimming pool.  Children from 2nd to 6th Class are allowed to go swimming.
We go around the track three times on Monday and Friday mornings this year to keep fit.  It is fun.
Written by Lisa Fusteac 6th Class

Our News Blog  2017-2018            Written by the children on the school's I.C.T. Committee

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June 2018
The Clonroche Poulpeasty Rackard League Hurling team defeated Oylegate on 06-06-18 in the district final.  
The Clonroche Poulpeasty Rackard League Camogie team defeated Horeswood on 08-06-18 in the county semi-final.
Boh teams played in the County finals this month.  Although not winning, the boys and girls showed great heart and we are so proud of their achievement.  A big thank you also to their mentors, including Mr. Furlong and Mrs. Goff.

School tours were on the calendar this month.  Mrs. Goff's and Mrs. Holohan's classes had a great day out in Well's House in Gorey on 6th June.  This was followed by Mrs. Mason's class going to Dublin Zoo on 8th June.  Ms. Denton's class went to Base Camp East in Wicklow on 15th June.

Active week took place from 18th - 22nd June.  There was an interesting and varied line-up of activities for the week which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  Thanks to Mrs. Goff for all her work organising the events.  Below are photographs of the céilí and yoga, along with prize winners.

Our end of year Mass was on Wednesday 27th June.  

After the mass, Mrs. Holohan, who is retiring, was presented with presents from the children to mark her 38 years of service in the school.  She spoke about her time in Clonroche N.S., the changes she has seen over the years and what working in the school meant to her.  We wish her a very happy retirement and hope she enjoys the years ahead.

It was then time to wish the 6th Class children all the best on their journey onwards to secondary school.  The 6th Class children had some entertaining things to say before ceremonies concluded.

On the last day of term, children with excellent attendance were given their awards.

We said goodbye to our Special Needs Assistant, Irene whose last day with us was 29th June.  She did great work in the school throughout the year.  We wish her all the best in her new SNA position next year.

Have a great summer, everyone.  Enjoy the days with no alarm clocks and keep safe.

LINK: End of year Mass, Mrs. Holohan's Retirement, Farewell to 6th Class, Attendance Awards 2107-2018

May 2018
This month, our school was informed that it has won a STEM Certificate for all the work done in science, technology, engineering and Maths this year.  Congratulations to 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Class and to their teachers Mrs. Mason and Ms. Denton.
Congratulations to all the children in 2nd Class on the occasion of their First Holy Communion on Saturday 26th May.  They all looked very well.  A big thank you to Mrs. Holohan for preparing the children so well and to Ms. Flood and the choir for the lovely music.
Congratulations, also, to the boys (and Mr. Furlong) who have made it to the Rackard League District Final in Hurling.  It will be held in St. Patrick's Park on Wednesday 6th June at 3.30 p.m.
Well done to Ben Keeley 6th Class on winning gold in the U-14 100 metres at Wexford Primary Schools
Sports on 24-05-18.
LINK: STEM Certificate 2018,  First Holy Communion 26/05/18

April 2018
In the Rackard League Hurling, the boys beat Davidstown in Davidstown, they beat Marshalstown in Marshalstown and they were beaten by Oylegate by two points.  Good work boys and Mr. Furlong.
We had Seachtain na Gaeilge from 30th April to 4th May.  I enjoyed it for many reasons.  Firstly, I was Gaeilgeoir of the week in my class.  Secondly, I was in the Seó Tallainne and I have been in the Seó Tallainne since I was in Junior Infants.  Thirdly, it was great fun and it is great fun every year.  The activities during the week were cluíchí as Gaeilge, tráth na gceist, cartún as Gaeilge, scéalta as Gaeilge, picnic Ghaelach, gúrú na Gaeilge, ceacht códála, camógaíocht/iománaíocht, mórshiúil timpeall na scoile, séo tallainne, maidin caifé, ealaín-suaitheantas and a céilí. Thanks to Mrs. Goff for organising it.  Check out our activities by clicking on the link below.
This month, Third and Fourth Class learnt more Lámh signs and we are using them in our classroom.  
Third and Fourth Class are doing a project about Japan.  I am doing origami and my cousin does origami. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.
The weather has improved and we have got to use the pitch some of the time this month.
We have a mid-term break next week.  Have a good week.
by Thérèse Kehoe Molloy 3rd Class
LINK: Seachtain na Gaeilge 2018

March 2018

This month we had a student teacher in our school.  Her name was Miss West. She taught 3rd and 4th Class.  She was a nice teacher.  She showed us how to make our own lava lamps and volcanoes.  Then she showed us how to make our volcanoes erupt.
She also did an experiment with us which showed that oil floats to the top of water.  We found out that a tablet will dissolve in water but it will not dissolve in oil.
Third and Fourth Class are still going to their swimming lesson in Enniscorthy every Friday and look forward to it.
We had a day off for St. Patrick’s Day.  There was a good parade in Clonroche.  It began at the Mill.  It finished at the post office.  It was interesting to watch.  There was a lot of music, Irish dancers and floats.  There were also people marching.  These included young hurlers from the Under 12 and Under 11 age-groups who are in our school.
Happy Easter.  Enjoy the holidays and your Easter egg!

by Conor Murphy 4th Class

February 2018

We celebrated Grandparents' Day in our school on 01-02-18.  Our grandparents, parents and other family members came to the school for Mass.  It was a memorable day.
We are continuing in Third and Fourth Class with our swimming lessons every Friday in the Enniscorthy Swimming Pool.  We are learning how to swim forwards and backwards.  Some children do a cannonball when jumping into the water-this means bringing your knees as close as you can to your chest and grabbing and holding onto your knees with both arms, so that your body is shaped like a sphere.  The more like a cannonball you are, the bigger your splash will be.  We are all enjoying the lessons.
We had our two day mid-term break in the middle of February.  At the end of February, we had very severe weather.  There was a lot of snow.  It was up to my knees.  I dived into the snow and built a snowman. I also went snow boarding.  Luckily, we did not lose the electricity or water.

by Conor Murphy 4th Class
LINK: Grandparents' Day 01-02-18

January 2018
We came back to school in January after our Christmas holidays.  Third and Fourth Class are now going swimming every Friday for eight weeks.  Fifth and Sixth Class are doing yoga exercises with Mrs. Goff every Friday for eight weeks. We have started back doing running every Tuesday at lunchtime.  

Our Third and Fourth Class teacher got married during the Christmas holidays and she is now called Mrs. Mason.  (Her old name was Miss Moynihan.)
by Abbie Denton 4th Class

December 2017
We are still running three times around the school track every Tuesday and Wednesday morning before lessons start.  This is keeping us fit.

This month, we had our Christmas Concert.  It was held in the Clonroche Hall on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st December.  All the classes and the Playschool took part.  Parents, brothers, sisters, other relatives and friends came to watch us.  We sang songs and we acted.  We played the tin whistle.  We danced. I felt happy taking part because I got to be up on stage.  It was fun.  

Children with very good attendance for this term were awarded certificates on Friday 22nd December.

We hope that our teacher Ms. Moynihan and James have a lovely wedding day over the Christmas holidays and wish them every happiness in their married life.

We wish you all a happy Christmas and a happy new year.
by Conor Murphy 4th Class


Performing in our Christmas Concert 2017
Excellent Attendance in First Term 17-18                             
Children with full attendance                             Children absent for 1-2 days

We wish our teacher Ms. Moynihan and James a very happy married life.

November 2017
In November it started to get very cold, so everybody started wearing their coats and hats.
We practised for Sing Out Loud and had a great night performing in the National Opera House in Wexford.
We were very busy after that because we started to practise for our Christmas Concert. The concert is on December 20th and 21st.
Hurling 365 also started in November, we train every Tuesday.
by Paddy Doyle 4th Class

October 2017
Every class is working hard.
Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class are taking part in Sing Out Loud which is taking place on Monday 13th November in the Wexford Opera House.  We are learning lively songs and it is very enjoyable work.
On Tuesday, 24th October, the C
lonroche/Poulpeasty boys won the Rackard League district final, beating Bannow on a score line of 4-4 to 2-5.  Well done boys and Mr. Furlong.
On Friday 27th October we had a Playschool Fundraising Walk.  You could donate two euro or more to take part in the walk and the money is going towards improving the playschool playground for the little kids.  All the children in our school did the walk with all the children in the playschool.
On Friday 27th October also, everyone in the entire school and in the playschool dressed up in Hallowe'en costumes since it was our last day at school before the Hallowe'en mid-term.  Some of us looked scary, some of us looked pretty and some of us looked weird.  We all enjoyed dressing up.
We wish everybody a happy holiday and stay safe on Hallowe'en night.

by Abbie Denton 4th Class
LINK: Playschool Fundraising Walk and Our Hallowe'en Costumes 2017

September 2017

The summer holidays are over.  We are back at school.  We are in our new classes.  We are working very hard.  We have a new teacher in the school.  Her name is Miss Moynihan.  She's really nice.  She teaches Third and Fourth Class.  We are still doing our running every Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  We run around the track three times.  This keeps us fit.

by Georgina Delaney 4th Class

Our News Blog  2016-2017             Written by the children on the school's I.C.T. Committee

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June 2017
This has been a very busy month for us.   It has been a month of great fun!  

e went on our school tours to lots of different places. We all had great fun.
We had our 5km fundraisng run and we all got tea and biscuits afterwards.
We finished off our
school hurling league during active week. Also in active week some of us walked to school and did long distant running. We also had our sports day where we were divided into different counties.  It was great fun also. We said goodbye to our 6th class students and we had our end of year Mass.
by Paddy Doyle 3rd Class

In the month of June we had our sports day and we were divided into teams which were called different counties in Ireland.    Our sports day was part of fitness week and that included doing dancing outside.  You could walk up from the village or from the hurling field to school on the Friday morning of fitness week.  We were supervised for this.  We also played cricket during fitness week.
The winners of the school hurling league got medals.  The winning teams on sports day got medals.  We all got a certificate for hurling 365 with the coaches.  
We had so much fun this month.
by Havana Lawless 3rd Class
LINK Presentation of Medals to Rackard League Camogie County Final Winners
         Sports Day, Sports Awards and Awarding of Hurling 365 Certificates June 2017
         End of Year Mass, 6th Class Say Goodbye, Attendance Awards June 2017

May 2017
Cookies and Crandles
On Tuesday 2nd May
, 5th and 6th class students held their Junior Entrepreneur Programme Showcase where they displayed their handmade crandles which were various scented candles made using melted down wax crayons. They also displayed their cookie mixtures.  Parents, guardians and family members came to see their displays and were able to buy the items.

Boys Rackard League Hurling
On Monday 22nd May our 5th and 6th class boys took part in the Rackard League Hurling County quarter final in St. Patrick's Park
, Enniscorthy where they played against Kilmuckridge.  Unfortunately Kilmuckridge won the match by 3 points.  

Magic Show
On Thursday 25th May we had a magic show in the school hall with Fred the Party Professor.  Everyone enjoyed the show.


Rackard League Camogie County Final
On Wednesday evening 31st May the Clonroche and Poulpeasty girls played against Kilanerin in the Rackard League Camogie County Final in St. Patrick's Park Enniscorthy and won! The final score was 2:3 to 0:2. Well done to all the girls and to Ms. Goff. Cloch B
án Abú!
by Zoe Buckley 3rd Class

On 2nd May, the 5th and 6th Class Junior Entrepreneur Program showcase took place in the school.  Crandle and Cookie orders were available to be collected.  The Junior Entrepreneur Flag was raised in the school grounds.

Over the last few weeks, we prepared for Second Class's First Holy Communion.  The boys and girls were very excited as they learned their prayers for their Holy Communion.  Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes learned new hymns and music for the Communion.  The school all worked really hard on making the day special (Saturday 13th May).  
by Abbie Denton 3rd Class

LINK Junior Entrepreneur Program Showcase 2/5/17                            First Holy Communion 13-5-17   
        Rackard League Camogie County Final Winners 31-5-17

April 2017
We really enjoyed our break for the Easter holidays.

In April, 5th and  6th Class students received certificates for taking part in the National Scratch Competition.  
Three girls in Sixth Class, Elizabeth Dempsey, Aisling Flood and Chloe O'Neill, received word that they were finalists in the National Scratch Competition 2017.  They attended the final in the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick on the 26th April.  They presented their coding project, entitled 'The Talent Show' to the judges.  They had a fantastic day, being one of the thirty projects selected for the final from over 545 entries all around the country.  This was a fantastic achievement for the girls so a big well done to them and  a big well done to their teacher, Ms. Denton.  Check out their project and photos by clicking on the link below.

In April, also, we had a visit from the gardaí.  They talked to us about road safety when cycling, walking and travelling in a car or bus.  They also gave us a free pencil and a luminous cover to put over our school bags.
by Ryan Sinnott 4th Class                                               

We are still doing our run on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  When it is raining, we do exercises indoors to GoNoodle.  GoNoodle is a website with fun activities.  We do a twenty minute run at lunchtime every Thursday.
by Conor Foley 4th Class

LINK Finalists in the National Scratch Competition 2017

March 2017
This March we had a lot of events.
Second Class made their First Holy Confession.
The girls from Third Class to Sixth Class made it through to the second round of mini sevens but sadly lost, but they were the first team in Clonroche N.S. to get through!!
The Junior Entrepreneur Project is almost finished and Fifth and Sixth Class are getting very excited to show off their products.
Seachtain na Gaeilge was great fun.  As normal, we participated in céilí dancing, floats making, Gaeilgeoirí na Seachtaine and a
Fifth and Sixth Class made their confirmation on the 31/3/17. Everybody had a great day.  Monsignor Joseph McGrath confirmed the Fifth and Sixth Class children that day.  

by Áine Doyle and Aisling Flood 6th Class
Click on the links to see our Seachtain na Gaeilge slideshow and our Confirmation photograph.
LINK Seachtain na Gaeilge 2017        Confirmation 2017

February 2017

In February, the Junior Entrepreneur project was well under way.  In January, we had got into our themes-there are a few themes: finance, marketing, sales, design and production and story-telling.  Story-telling involves telling the class how we are getting on and what’s being done in our projects and it also involves telling the public when the orders are open and closed.
Our Junior Entrepreneur projects were judged by these dragons: our principal Ms. Flood, our secretary Margaret and local entrepreneur Ann Marie Green.  The winning project is Cookies and Crandles. Cookies are a dry cookie mix and crandles are recycled candles made out of crayons and wax.

During this month, we had a visitor, Willie Kinsella, from the Wild Flower Café which is in the grounds of Beechdale Garden Centre.  He told us about his business and how we could improve and perfect our business.  He told us that the best advice he ever got was although you mightn’t get along with everybody who surrounds you, you have to get on with your life.  He told us that if you make mistakes, you learn from them.  He also said you have to do research to see who is your customer and do careful planning.
We had much fun this month.

by Alice Murphy 5th Class

During the month of February, while preparing for our Confirmation, we learnt the seven sacraments, the ten commandments, the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.  A religion inspector called Mr. Foyle came in to see if we knew what we needed to know about Confirmation.  Fr. Cushen also came in to talk about Confirmation.  We had to pick our Confirmation name also.  So we will be well prepared when our Confirmation comes around.  In the second half of February we had our mid-tem break from the 20th to the 24th.

by Josh Buckley 6th Class

We have done J.E.P. this month.  It stands for Junior Entrepreneur Program.  5th and 6th had some ideas and we got our principal, secretary and a local business person to judge the ideas.  They picked Cookies and Crandles.  Cookies and Crandles are now for sale.

by Fionn Doyle 6th Class

January 2017
On the 9th of January we came back to school after our Christmas holidays. All the school are running every Tuesday and Wednesday morning to keep fit and on Thursday we run for 20 minutes. 5th and 6th class have started Junior Entrepreneur and are getting ready for their Confirmation on the 31st of March. My class made pasta pictures and learned how to measure large areas. 2nd class are getting ready for their Communion.
by Paddy Doyle 3rd Class                                               

In school every Thursday we have a run and if we run it all we get a star. Every morning other than Monday, Thursday and Friday we run three laps around the walking track. If we get five stars we get a homework token. On Monday and Friday we go up to the hall for prayers and on Monday we tell news.  Ms. Flood makes all important announcements.
by Havana Lawless 3rd Class

December 2016
This December our school organised an event called the Santa Run.  We also had a lovely Christmas Carols Service.  We are doing the count down to Christmas with the advent wreath.

We are getting our Christmas holidays on Thursday the 22nd of December. We will be on holidays for two weeks.  In our final week of school before Christmas we get the week off homework.

We had a lovely mass which was said by Father Nolan.

Our school also took part in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal which was a great success.  There were lots and lots of beautifully wrapped parcels sent to the children in less fortunate countries.

At the end of November students from 4th, 5th and 6th class took part in the Sing Out Loud concert which took place in the National Opera House Wexford. They were joined on stage by a number of different acts and professional singers and were even accompanied by local Wexford group Extreme  Rhythm.  It was an absolutely brilliant show and the audience thoroughly loved it and really enjoyed it.  Well done to all the students who took part and to the two teachers, Ms. Doyle and Ms .Denton for helping them practi
se for the show.
by Zoe Buckley 3rd class

The Christmas Run
Everyone got ready and we started our 20 minute run with our Christmas hats on.
Christmas Concert
For weeks we have been practising our tin whistle, song and our poem.
Christmas Pictures
We made snowflakes and snowmen.  We got all set for the show.  We decorated the school with our Christmas pictures and hung  balls on our windows.
Our school is great.
by Abbie Denton 3rd Class
LINK Christmas Celebration 2016

November 2016
On Sunday 20th November, we took part in the concert "Sing Out Loud" in the National Opera House.  (We are in the photograph below.)  We sang and danced to lots of songs beside the great artists of Ireland.  Ms. Denton and Ms. Flood did great work helping us to prepare for this event.  

The school took part in the shoebox appeal.  We learnt the importance of giving to those in need.  The shoeboxes were wrapped in Christmas paper and filled with toys and goodies.  They will be delivered to children in poorer countries in time for Christmas.

The Book Club came to our school.  We all received a catalogue filled with a great variety of books to choose from.  We will have our books in time for Christmas.

The November blog was written by Conor Foley and Ryan Sinnott

October 2016
We cheered on the Cloughbawn Hurlers who play Oulart in the County Final by singing our own song for them entitled Cloch Bán Abú.  It was composed by our teacher Mrs. Goff and the music was played on guitar by our teacher Ms. Denton.  Click on the link below to watch us singing for the boys in green and white!
Our school is doing Sing Out Loud.  A lady from Sing Out Loud came to listen to us sing.  W all did our best and we sounded great.  
This year the Clonroche/Poulpeasty girls were in the district final. They played against St.Senan's and they won; the girls are now in the semi-final.
There was a competition in the chemist in Clonroche.  It was for Hallowe'en and each person had to make a monster - everyone had great fun.  
Teachers had a scary time working with very spooky characters who arrived into school on 27th October!  Click on the Hallowe'en link to see the photographs.
That is all for the October blog.  Hope everybody has a good mid-term break and happy Hallowe'en.  
LINK Clonroche children sing Cloch Bán Abú!
                                                       Hallowe'en 2016

The October blog was written by Áine Doyle and Aisling Flood

September 2016
Our school was given the Digital Schools of Distinction Award at the end of June for all the I.C.T. work that goes on in the classes.  We are delighted.  This is a flagship programme which aims to promote, recognise and encourage excellence in the use of technology in primary schools.  We want to say a special word of thanks to all the teachers and especially Ms. Denton for working so hard to get this award.

Welcome Back
We came back to our school on the 31st of August.  Ms. Flood welcomed everybody back and we prayed for a productive year ahead.  We will all do our best in our school work and homework this year!

Ms. Flood informed us that we would be taking part in “Sing out Loud” in the National Opera House Wexford in November.  There are almost 50 schools taking part this year with over 2,500 pupils performing throughout the duration of the performance dates from Tuesday 15th November until Thursday 24th November.  Our school will be performing on Sunday 20th November at 2.00 p.m.
rs. Caulfield selected the ICT Committee Members for the year.  The members are Abbie Denton, Zoe Buckley, Paddy Doyle and Havana Lawless in 3rd Class, Ryan Sinnott and Conor Foley in 4th Class, Alice Murphy in 5th Class and Josh Buckley, Aisling Flood, Áine Doyle and Fionn Doyle in 6th Class.

New Pupils
We would like to extend a warm welcome
to the new Junior Infants Charlie Redmond, Charlie Kehoe, Alan Doyle, Harry Murphy, Andy Connors, Kathleen Connors, Mag Connors, Finn Joyce and Kathleen Connors and wish them all the best in Clonroche N.S.

Rackard League & Mini-Sevens Football
This month our school began back in the boys and girls Rackard league.  The boys lost their first game against Fethard 7-14 to 2-6.  Their next match is due to be played on Monday 10th October next in Ballycullane.

The  girls won both their first and second games.  In their first game they played St. Aidan’s and they won 6-4 to 1-1.  They also won their second game against Davidstown 6-11 to 0-0.

The boys and girl
s also took part in the Mini-Sevens.  The boys first played Poulpeasty and lost this game.  They then went on to play Davidstown and won.

The girls played Courtnacuddy in their first game and won.  In their second game they played Poulpeasty and lost.

The September blog was written by Fionn Doyle (Welcome Back), Alice Murphy (New Pupils) and Josh Buckley (Rackard League & Mini-Sevens Football).

Our News Blog  2015-2016

This year, 2015-2016, our school blog is being written by I.C.T. Committee Members Elizabeth Dempsey, Aisling Flood and Siobhán Hudson.  The three girls are in Fifth Class and have a special interest in technology.

Click on the links for further information.
June 2016

We had our fundraising run/walk on 11th June.  It was a 5KM run/walk and began and finished at the Cloughbawn G.A.A. Complex.  It was a very enjoyable morning.
On Tuesday 21st June, our Clonroche N.S./Poulpeasty N.S. Rackard League Camogie Team played in the Roinn C final in Wexford Park.  They put up a gallant performance but in the end were defeated by a strong Cushinstown team.  Well done to the girls for reaching the final and many thanks to our teacher, Mrs. Goff, for all the training.  It was a tremendous achievement to play so well in the final and we are all very proud of the team.
Children from 1st to 6th Class were presented with their Hurling 365 Certificates by senior hurling goalkeeper for Wexford, Mark Fanning.  The event took place on Friday afternoon, 24th June.  Jack Kavanagh, Billy and Nessa Wickham also attended the event, representing Cloughbawn G.A.A. Club.

We had our annual sports day on Monday 27th June.  Luckily, the weather was good and it was a very enjoyable day.  A new event this year was the long distance running, with each class having its own turn.
Our end of year Mass and awards took place on Wednesday 29th June.  6th Class thanked all the teachers for their help and guidance during their years in the school.  Children with excellent attendance for the school year 2015-2016 were given awards.  The winning teams in the school's camogie league competition and the winning teams on the sports day were given their prizes.  
Have a great summer holidays!  See you next year!

LINKS: School Fundraising Run/Walk 11-06-16  
Clonroche N.S./Poulpeasty N.S. Rackard League Camogie Team play in Final
Hurling 365 Presentation of Certificates 24-06-16
         School Sports Day 27-06-16
End of Year Mass and Awards 29-06-16

May 2016
Second Class made their First Holy Communion on 14th May.  It was a very special day for them.
Fifth and Sixth Class did projects about the life of Anne Frank during World War II.  They looked at how WWII contributed to the formation of the E.U.
We had our Europe Day this month (13th of May).  All the projects done by the classes were displayed around the school.  Fifth and Sixth Class organised food tasting.  This involved having food from different European countries for all the classes to taste.  It was a very interesting and enjoyable day.  
Click on the Blue Star Final Report link below to see full details and photographs of our Europe Projects  which are being submitted for the Blue Star Programme.  This programme fosters better understanding and knowledge of the European Union.
LINK: First Holy Communion 14-05-16     Blue Star Final Report

April 2016
We came back to school after our Easter holidays and got down to the business of finishing our projects for Europe Day.  Every class is involved: the Infants are covering Ireland, 1st and 2nd are covering Italy, 3rd and 4th are covering Spain, France, the Netherlands and Romania while 5th and 6th are doing individual projects.

March 2016

Seachtain na Gaeilge took place this month-among the activities were a hat competition, a céilí and the seó tallainne.  
A very special event took place in our school-the 1916 commemorations.  We celebrated this day on 15th March.  The children and staff all dressed up in 1916 costumes.  There was music and céilí dancing.  The Irish flag was raised.  The teachers read out the old proclamation.  Fifth and Sixth Class read out a new proclamation which they had written.  Parents attended the event-there was a party.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and everyone will remember what an important event the 1916 Rising is in our Irish history.
Happy Easter!
Link: Proclamation Day - 15th March 2016
Seachtain na Gaeilge 2016

February 2016

This month, Fifth and Sixth Class went on a 1916 Freedom Tour in Dublin.  It involved going on a bus tour around places and buildings in Dublin associated with the 1916 rising, including the G.P.O. and Dublin Castle.  At Dublin Castle, there was a drama enactment of what happened there in 1916 and some of the children in Fifth and Sixth Class were involved.  It was a very informative and enjoyable day. (and sunny!)
Also this month, every class practised its performance for the 1916 celebrations which take place in March.
Every class made a start on the Europe Projects which are being put together with the use of I.C.T.

January 2016
Happy New Year to everyone.
Welcome back Sandy Connors and Rose Carroll.  
This month we took part in the Credit Union quiz.  We were in the quiz on the 31st of January. Congratulations to everyone involved.  Unfortunately we didn't get through but well done anyway.
We have started back with the football and hurling teachers.
We also designed choir t-shirts.  Eryn Buckley came 1st followed by Guevara Hughes and then  Josh Buckley.  Eryn got a prize of a t-shirt printed with whatever she wanted.  Congratulations, Eryn.  

December 2015
The biggest event in December was the Christmas Concert. We have our Christmas Concert every two years. It was held on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th of December. This was the last concert for 5th and 6th Class. On the first night, the Céim a hAon preschool joined us but not on the second night. This year we had a choir in our school and they performed in the concert also; it was their first public performance. All the classes performed excellently and got a great applause at the end of each act. The school band played polkas, jigs and Christmas songs. At the end of the show, 1st to 6th Class came out on stage and sang Let It Snow and Amhrán na bhFiann.
We would like to thank all the teachers for teaching us all our routines and everyone that came along to sponsor the school.
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year from the blog team.

Elizabeth Dempsey, Aisling Flood and Siobhán Hudson
LINK: Christmas Concert December 2015

November 2015

From the 2nd of November until the 1st of December we had the annual readathon and we raised lots of money for the school library.
Shoe Box Appeal 2015:
The school once again took part in the Shoe Box Appeal for children in poorer countries. The shoe boxes contained lots of toys and goodies
. We hope the shoe boxes will bring some joy to these children at Christmas time.
Clonroche Pantomime:
This year's theme was Sleeping Beauty. Clonroche Pantomime Society sent in a colouring competition to our school and the prize was free pantomime tickets. Some of the students took part in the pantomime.

Defence Force Visit:
On Thursday, November 12th, two members of the Defence Force came to our school. Aisling Flood and Elizabeth Dempsey welcomed them into the hall and brought them to their seats while the school band played. Eryn Buckley read the 4th part of The Proclamation. Then Jamie Cummins played Boolavogue. After that Josh Buckley and Fionn Doyle collected The Irish Flag and The Proclamation
LINKS: Shoe Box Appeal 2015            Defence Force Visit

October 2015

A number of girls in the school were on the Rackard League Football team this term.  Also on the team were girls from Poulpeasty school.  They played six matches and won the Final on Wednesday 22nd October in Saint Patrick’s Park.  They beat Marshalstown.  Well done to everyone involved-it was a great result.
5th and 6th Class wrote stories in Irish and read them to the Infants.
Each class made Hallowe’en decorations and the school had a spooky appearance.
Everyone dressed up on Friday 23rd October for Hallowe’en.  There were very scary looking children in the school.  It was a great day. Happy Hallowe’en!

LINK: Rackard League Girls Football Team    Hallowe'en 2015

September 2015

Hello everyone.  Here is the blog for 2015/2016.
We came back to school on Tuesday 1st September.  A lot of the teachers changed classes.  As well as the Junior Infants, we have some new children in a few of the classes.  Matthew and Makayla Flynn are in Mr. Furlong’s class.  Josie Connors and Ben Quirke are in Mrs. Holohan’s class.
We have an I.C.T. Committee in the school again this year.  There are thirteen children on the committee.  They learn more about technology and will be doing I.C.T. projects during the year.
We also now have a choir and the children practise with Mrs. Doyle every Friday.

LINK: The School's I.C.T. Committee 2015-2016

Our News Blog  2014-2015

This year, 2014-2015, our school blog is being written by Eryn Buckley, a member of our I.C.T. Committee.  Eryn is in 5th Class and has a keen interest in drama, singing and reporting.

Click on the links for further information.

June 2015

Well, it's the last month of this school year in St.Aidan's, Clonroche and everybody is so excited about the summer holidays! Everyone is bringing home their books bit by bit and 6th Class are getting ready to leave. All the school tours are over and tests are finished. We even got the last two weeks off from homework! All the reports have gone out and the weather is getting better. We had an end of year mass and it was 6th Class's last day in the hall. Tears were shed and prizes were given. 6th Class organised a surprise for Miss Flood with a song. It was very good. They went through their memories and how they had grown over the years. That same day, 5th class had organised a surprise party. They brought in fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate, rice crispie buns, popcorn and biscuits!
We will really miss this year's 6th Class and wish them all the best in what do and want them to remember that "Doing your best is more important than being the best". Miss Flood always told them that!
We had a great year with lots of hard work which the teachers are very proud of and I am very proud to have been the school’s first child blogger. Thanks for reading the blog! That's what happened in this school year! Bye! :)

LINKS:  I.C.T. End of Year Report 2014/2015    Sixth Class children sing their own song June 2015
            Children with Excellent Attendance 2014-2015

May 2015

This month in St.Aidan's, Clonroche the weather is really improving! This is good because the girls' Rackard League team has gotten through to the county semi-final! There really isn’t anything better than good weather for practising with a ball and a wall!
The teachers decided to do the end of year tests at the end of May so we have all done them. Done and dusted!
6th and 5th class went on their school tour to Fantasia in Drogheda. We had a great day. We went on the sky climb, bowling, swimming and we got something to eat there. It was really fun.  
Margaret was over in Zambia and saw how poor the people were. She went to church and the people were so poor they only had one chair in the church for the priest and he gave it to Margaret and asked her if there was any way to bring some money over there to buy some chairs for the church. The school heard about this and decided to have a no uniform day and bring in two euro each. Lots of children even wore their pyjamas! We raised €460 to buy chairs for the church.
At the start of the month there was a Féile na nÓg going on and famous soccer and Gaelic football players came to the school. They taught us some handy tricks for Gaelic football.
It is coming to the end of the year now and everyone is really working hard. 6th Class are getting ready for secondary school and only a short while left to go! Until next month! Bye.

See you in June!

LINKS: First Holy Communion 2015  The Fr. Brady 'CHAIR' Appeal in Moomba, Zambia

April 2015

We  had the Easter break for two weeks and we really enjoyed it!  
This month in St.Aidan’s, Clonroche 2nd – 6th Class are getting ready for First Holy Communion.  2nd Class are getting ready to make their First Communion and 3rd – 6th are working on music/choir for the celebration in the church.
It has been decided that the school choir should be taken more seriously and so there are auditions for anyone who would like to join!
The school has started back up with the Rackard league with camogie/hurling for boys and girls from 3rd- 6th. The teams are training hard and have played a few matches.  
This is the busiest time of the year for any school because it is coming up to the end of year tests so the whole school is really working hard.
LINK: Spelling Bee 2015

March 2015

This month in St.Aidan’s Clonroche, it’s all about the Gaeilge. With Seachtain na Gaeilge on from the 9th – 13th March, we had multiple events all in Irish throughout the week.  During this week, the stand out event would have to be the Seó Tallainne. Seó Tallainne is a talent show in which students show their talents and have fun. There were 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and a teachers’ award. For the teachers’ award we had Chloe O’ Neill doing Irish dancing, in 3rd place we had Jamie Cummins playing music, in 2nd place we had Guevara Hughes, Jeff Buckley and Oisín Doyle doing a sketch and in 1st place we had Eryn Buckley singing. Congratulations to all who participated in the competition.
In other news, 5th and 6th Class made their Confirmation this month and it was a lovely celebration in the church.  Bishop Brennan confirmed all the children. All confirmation students wore their school uniform and then after the church ceremony, they wore their own clothes. A big well done to the Confirmation Class and their teacher Mrs. Doyle for working really hard to prepare for Confirmation.  
The I.C.T. group has been working on making videos of interviews with the teachers in the school. The videos were made by Daragh Doyle and Mag Connors.
See ya next month!

LINKS: Seachtain na  Gaeilge 2015     We Interview the Teachers!

February 2015

This month in St.Aidan’s, Clonroche we are getting ready for Confession (the sacrament of reconciliation) and Confirmation. Two religion inspectors came to our school and they were so happy with our religious knowledge that they asked the teachers to give us a night off homework.  Miss Flood and Fr Cushen organised a meeting with parents of the Confirmation class to talk about the Confirmation preparations.  
Seachtain na Gaeilge will be held from 9th – 13th March.  During that time there will be a competition for badge making. All materials must be recyclable.
The mini 7’s hurling is on 10th March and the camogie is on 12th March.
We had the mid term for one week.  
The preschool held a competition to pick a new name for their preschool. The children had three weeks to come up with the best name. The winner of this competition is Guevara Hughes.
Until next month!

January 2015

This month in St.Aidan’s N.S. Clonroche, we are back to a fresh start as it is the new year.
The app of the month is called "Book Creator" so have a look at that.
5th and 6th Class are getting prepared for their big day as it is their Confirmation in March.
We had a Holy Day (known as the Feast of the Epiphany or Little Christmas) in the school so the priest came up to the school and said mass. This event took place on the 6th of January.  The Feast of the Epiphany celebrates the visit of the wise men to worship baby Jesus.
The school lunches organisation has kindly given us a larger range of lunches to choose from. We now can have two treats, a sandwich, a fruit and a drink.
The school entered the credit union quiz which will take place on the 1st of February. Two teams were entered for the under 13 age group and one team from under 11.
The GAA coaches are in the school once again every Friday to do hurling with the children from 1st class up.
Clonroche Community pre-school is running a competition to have their pre-school renamed in Irish. This competition is for the senior end of the school.
That’s all from me! See you next month!

December 2014

This month in St. Aidan's, Clonroche it’s forward march with the Christmas theme. The school is beautifully decorated with tinsel, Christmas trees and much more!
The app of the month is "Simple Mind" so do check that out!
Since this is the last Christmas in Clonroche N.S. for 6th Class, we did a carol service in our school hall. We had songs, music, dancing, poems and miniature plays too. Everyone in the school participated and we had no uniform. What a day! Everyone wore Santy hats and Christmas jumpers.
This has been a short month for us because we have two weeks off school! On the 19th of December we had a half day and we were allowed to bring in electronics and sweets. We had no homework on the Wednesday and Thursday of the last week of school as a reward for doing good work.
The school will reopen again on the 5th of January 2015.
The whole school would like to wish you a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

LINKS: Christmas Cribs by 5th and 6th Class    Christmas Carol Service 2014

November 2014

This month in St. Aidan’s, Clonroche the Christmas theme is rising! From our decorations to our art work we are all getting ready for Christmas. Speaking of which, (typing of which) 3rd and 4th Class took part in a competition which was run by Wexford County Council. They had to make Christmas decorations entirely out of recyclable materials. They were judged by the materials that they used. Of course the materials had to be recycled. Six of the children’s art pieces were sent through to the Wexford County Council. The children who went through were Aisling Flood, Elizabeth Dempsey, Adam Doherty, Cody Denton, Oran Clare and Blathnat Doyle.
Clonroche pantomime sent in a colouring competition to our school and the prize was free pantomime tickets.
The Readathon also started and finished this month.
The app of this month is "Comic Life 3".
The children in 6th class directed their own letters regarding the road safety issues outside of the school to Mr. David Codd, Wexford County Council.
The book club catalogues were handed out, orders taken and lots of books received in time for Christmas.
Once again I will mention the Christmas Shoebox appeal because every child wants presents in time for Christmas!
Until next month!  Eryn the blogger.

Link:  Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2014

October 2014

This month, St.Aidan’s N.S. has gone back to the Hallowe'en theme. From the frightening art pieces to the scary costumes, we are all enjoying our Hallowe'en theme in the school.
We have started to use the iPads a lot lately. The app we are focusing on this month is CrazyTalk. Everyone is having lots of fun experimenting with it.
The boys Rackard League is continuing. This month they played against Fethard, Rathnure and Ramsgrange.
We have also been informed that the 2nd Class Communion is on the 9th of May 2015 and the 5th and 6th Class Confirmation is on the 26th of March 2015.
The Christmas shoebox appeal is being organised over the Hallowe'en break for the children in need. Please don’t forget to do up a shoebox and make the children over at the poor side of the world have a happy Christmas too!
We have just received a notification that we are once again being granted funding for the school lunches.
The school sponsored readathon starts on the 3rd of November so get ready to read!
The whole school hopes you have a safe, happy and scary Hallowe'en!!!

Happy Hallowe'en!

Link: Our School ICT Committee

September 2014

This month in St. Aidan's N.S., Clonroche the back to school theme is all around.
The school has ordered new iPads so we are using them for different projects. Some of the apps we use are called "Photo Stage", "Know your Europe" and lots more. The school has formed an I.C.T. group which stands for "Information Communication Technology". There are eight students in the I.C.T. group and the teacher that is the head of the group is Mrs. Caulfield. The I.C.T. group learns different ways to use the computers, iPads etc.
Also swimming lessons started back and are going on for eight weeks. The swimming takes place in the Enniscorthy swimming pool called "Waterfront". We are taken there by a bus.
The boys hurling/football Rackard League started back on the 24th of September.
We gladly welcome our new resource teacher Miss Paula Sinnott and our 12 new students in Junior infants.
Link: More iPads for our School




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