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I.C.T. End of Year Report 2014/2015

I.C.T. End of Year Report 2014/2015

In the school year 2014/2015 an I.C.T. Committee was set up in the school.  Children from 3rd to 6th Class could apply to be on the Committee by filling in an application form and answering questions about their interest in I.C.T.  Nine children in total were selected to be on the Committee.
Each month, an I.C.T. Committee meeting was held.  It was attended by the nine children on the Committee and I.C.T. Co-ordinator Mrs. Caulfield.  At the meeting, children received training in the use of an App for the iPad.  They also reported back on the progress being made on their own projects.

At the I.C.T. Committee meeting in June, the children gave feedback on what being a member of the school’s I.C.T. Committee meant to them.

Daragh Doyle 6th Class (Videographer):
I made videos of the teachers being interviewed this year.  It was fun.  I improved my video skills.  I learnt more about the teachers in Clonroche School.  A suggestion I have for next year is to make a video blog.

Eryn Buckley 5th Class (Blogger for School Website):
I was in charge of the school blog each month.  I learnt a lot more about the school.  It was fun.  I enjoyed getting the school news together each month and typing it.  My blog is on the school website.  My Mum is so proud of me.  A suggestion I have for next year is to give homework about the school website.

Jamie Cummins 5th Class (Creator of Maths Estimation Competitions):
My job was to make up a Maths challenge involving estimation, type it and email it to Mrs. Caulfield.  Mrs. Caulfield then printed the competition poster and I put it up in the school.  I then collected the competition entries and sorted out the winner.
I thought this was a good job.   I learnt more about estimation work.  I also learnt about the rules that you need when running a competition.  I was able as well to practise sending emails.

Guevara Hughes 5th Class (Typist of Maths Problems):
I liked typing the Maths problems.  It was enjoyable and interesting.  I like the way the Maths problems are now going to be displayed on the school website.

Áine Doyle 4th Class (Photographer):
I did a photography project with Alice called Teamwork in Our School.  I learnt more about how to use a camera.  I also learnt about how to take a good photograph.  I felt like a real photographer.  I like the way the project is now on the school website.

Alice Murphy 4th Class (Photographer):
I worked on a photography project with Áine.  It was fun taking photographs about teamwork.  I learnt about the importance of getting children into good positions before taking photographs.  For example, you need to see their faces.  The project is now on the school website which is good.

Blathnat Doyle 3rd Class (Graphic Designer):
I designed posters for the school.  It was great experience using a computer.  I learnt that the size of the font is important and that colour stands out and catches your eye.  It was also fun to learn about iPad apps.  I learnt, too,  how to get pictures from the Internet onto an iPad.

Lennon Hughes 3rd Class (Digital Artist):
I did pictures using the laptop (Painter Essentials 5) and the iPad.  I liked doing this job.  My imagination could run free.  My pictures are now on the school website.  It took me a while to get used to seeing my name and work on the website.  I have made it onto the Internet and I’m only in Third Class!

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